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Gianluca Cavicchi

Gianluca Cavicchi was born on august 14, 1968.
During the 80's, he approached the electronic music from every side and formed his music taste: through the pioneers such as Rockets, Pink Floyd, Alan Parson, Mike Oldfield and Jarre, **focusing his attention on Depeche Mode's style,** till the dance music of the 80's, the later house explosion and the New Beat coming.

In 1993, after a Bachelor Music of Degree in classical piano, he begins his musical career within contemporary music and together with Max Gurrieri he sets up the "Fairy Noise Studio", aimed at matching his classical background with his contemporary music taste.
They formed the "No Order" team and till 1995 they keep alive a musical project spacing from underground, commercial and progressive tracks, due to the mix of different influences between Max and Gianluca. They released for Whirpool Records:......

In the meanwhile, Gianluca and Max started various collaborations with Fathers of Sound, Stefano De Andrea, Bruno Bolla, Andrea Giuditta, Adriano Dodici and many others.

Thanks to one of these collaborations with Adriano Dodici, they released the track "Opera 12" and got in touch with Dj Gianni Parrini, together wich they a began close collaboration on a new style, quite popular during the middle 90s: the Dream Music. *

*Together with Gianni Parrini, they released: G.PARRINI OPERA DODICI RMX - G PARRINI TAKE ME AWAY - G PARRINI WHITE BLOW - ROBIZ UNIVERSUM RMX BY G.PARRINI - 5 tracks for Parrini's album "I love the dream project Another important step in the musical career of Gianluca is represented by the collaboration with Dj Danny Ross.
With Danny he insured a close and wide collaboration: not only tracks, but a studio too.

Once again, different influences, styles and personal taste, have matched together and brought to a serie of interesting and unusual tracks, characterized by a tribal rythm and pure progressive and electronic sounds. He's now working for Nutunes Records , the main label of Fulvio "Fathers of Sound" Perniola .

Danny Lambruschi

Danny Lambruschi
was born in Ortonovo, La Spezia on february 5, 1971. He began djing playing in clubs like "The Paradise" with Alex Neri, then becoming dj resident at the "Penelope-Insomnia", one of the main disco in Italy during the early 90s.
Later he moved to historic disco "Club Imperiale" in Tirrenia (Pisa), and in 1996 he joined another club, the "Vague" in Marina di Pietrasanta, leading the one night event called "Glitter" which hosted guest djs like K.Carpenter, S. Fontana, C. Coccoluto.

During the following years, he left the dj activity in order to concentrate his energies in musical productions.

Most of the pseudonyms used by Danny Lambruschi are connected to succes: from Ritmo Urbano to Super Touch, till Danny Lambruschi itself with the successfull lounge single "Terra Magica", played for months by Radio Montecarlo - one of the italian top radio for chill out music - and inserted in "Tuare'" compilation (2006).
Danny is currently working in his studio in Massa (Italy) at different projects for NuTunes Records (Italy), spacing from house to afro beat style.

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